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On Extreme Urges, featuring Bella Rose, it seems like the main protagonist (Bella) has some sort of aggravating “hip-thrusting disorder.” It’s like she’s been injected with “horny serum” and she’s out of control. “I don’t know, I can’t stop,” she tells her brother (step-brother, I hope) when he asks “What the fuck are you doing?” after finding her on the couch, thrusting away. “This is ridiculous… you need help,” he says when he sees her dry-humping her Teddy bear. “Don’t tell mom,” she begs. Long story short, the brother –good sport that he is– decides to help her out. You know, try to quench her “thirst.”

The guy presents his super-horny sister with his quite large phallus, which she immediately starts sucking, spitting all over it, and coating it with slime as she goes sloppy on it. Her face suddenly becomes a mess of gag-spit, but she still can’t stop! Later: “Still?” asks good old bro when he finds her once again thrusting her hips, in her bedroom. This time he says “Do you need some cock?” “I guess you could lick my pussy, and that’s it,” she says. But we all know that’s not it. The guy’s big cock spreads her wide and stuffs her completely. She moans and moans as she enjoys it, and then, when he’s giving her a creampie as the final touch, they are startled: “Oh, my God! What the fuck are you two doing???” Oops! They’ve been caught by mom!

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